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A smart mirror for every area of life

What is a Smart Mirror?

The Smart Mirror or Virtual Mirror is also often referred to as an intelligent mirror or multimedia mirror. Basically, it is simply a computer integrated in a mirror with all the usual functions. In addition, however, this computer is housed in a stylish and well-designed casing. Disguised as a mirror, the device becomes a real interior highlight for your home. In addition, the mirror can also be used to perform and manage other functions, such as smart home control of other devices.

Due to the diverse application areas such as bathroom, kitchen or living & sleeping area, the smart mirror fulfills many different requirements and thus meets almost every demand.

Mues-Tecs Smart Mirror- not only special in its design!

Experience the all-round talent for home - with many smart functions and features our Smart Mirror becomes the highlight in every room!

Securely installed electronic components of the certified protection class IP65 enable the carefree use of the smart devices.



You can connect the product to the Internet via the WiFi connection. This allows you to download your favorite apps and use other online services such as music and video platforms.

The connection of external devices via Bluetooth is easy and connects your smart mirror with relevant products.



Android-based activation enables various uses and functions that you will keep in your daily life.

With the Magic Mirror principle, the product looks like a normal mirror when switched off. If you turn it on with the touch of a finger, you can turn it into a smart entertainment product thanks to its special surface

Magic Mirror

touch screen

The 10-point multi-touch screen can use the interactive display intuitively. The touchscreen can be operated easily and stress-free.

Use the integrated microphone for general voice control of Google or other Alexa-based devices.

Voice Control

The screen turns on when you enter the room and turns off 5 minutes after you leave.


The high resolution display ensures a clear picture whether it is used as a magnifying glass, it can be viewed while watching movies or cooking shows in the kitchen.

Camera Full HD

The manual switch enables easy control at all times.



Stay Healthy

Simply connect external Bluetooth devices to monitor your health

Skin tester


Weight scale


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