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"How tomorrow begins in the future"

"The intelligent furniture"

"A mirror that can be a TV at the same time"

"With voice control via Alexa or Google Assistant"



Smart in the bathroom - right into the new day

Experience digital comfort above the sink!

Start your day with app fun from Google PlayStore and link the digital mirror with other smart products.


The new extraordinary mirror reflection

Round and stylish in design, experience a new feeling for home! MIA is the extravagant smart vanity mirror that lets you follow every trend effortlessly. Whether it's a new hairstyle or evening make-up via YouTube or the video call with your best friend - fun is preprogrammed here.



Smart Home in a stylish & elegant package!

Experience the technological future you have always dreamed of! Whether entering or leaving the house, the digital wardrobe mirror reliably provides you with all the information and news about the world, the weather, or the traffic on the road.


The new extraordinary mirror reflection

Enjoy central home control from a single source!

The kitchen smart provides for chef feeling and star cuisine in your home, in which he can access them with its digital display effortlessly and without touching your favorite cooking apps or the latest recipe videos.

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